200 x £5 note


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200 x £5 note

Take a note for five pounds. The coloring is flawless, the size is the same on both sides, and it looks and feels just like the real thing. Litho printing, like the real minting process, for a flawless finish. Nothing like this exists anywhere else. chemically treated to produce a nearly identical finish of high quality. To prevent notes from sticking together, tallow made from cow’s milk.We offer a “example note” analyzer choice for every one of our items. We take great pride in our work. This is available for delivery throughout the United Kingdom and Europe (shipping is free for orders over €55 or £50).


 In 1725, the Bank of England introduced £50 notes for the first time. The earliest notes were written by hand and were given to individuals as needed. The payee’s name, the date, and the signature of the issuing cashier were all written on one side of these notes. These notes could be exchanged for an equivalent amount of gold when presented at the bank, with the exception of the Restriction Period, which occurred between 1797 and 1821 due to the Napoleonic Wars and the French Revolutionary Wars. The banknote would be signed to indicate the amount of the partial redemption. The declaration “I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of fifty pounds” replaced the name of the payee on printed notes beginning in 1853. This statement is still present on Bank of England banknotes today.

200 x £5 counterfiet notes

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Best product
Our product is nearly identical to the real thing thanks to years of experience and significant investment! This is the outcome of a man’s lifetime of work, and he now wishes to share it.50 x £5 note

High  quality 200 x £5 note
high-quality equipment utilized in the process of counterfeiting Chemicals of the highest quality and imported ink, as used in genuine pound note minting.

– 200 x £5 equals $1000 – Original weight and dimensions – Double-sided – High-quality waterproof print – Real-looking polymer-like paper – UV markings – Same serial number (may vary by batch) – Unnoticeable legal reproduction markings – The closest thing you can legally get to the real thing We oppose any attempt to misuse these notes in a dishonest or illegal manner. Any attempt to use our counterfeit notes as legal tender would be against the law. We disclaim all liability for any actions that involve our products.GO2 bank debit card



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