GO2 bank debit card


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GO2 bank debit card

What is a debit card from GO2bank?

A Visa Debit card comes with the GO2bank account. There is no minimum balance requirement or fee for opening an online account. If you get a GO2bank debit card in a store and open an account, you’ll have to pay a purchase fee and put down an initial $20 to $500. Requires sign-up. 50 x £10 note

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I got a GO2bank debit card for a reason.

You were chosen to receive a GO2bank offer because you have been a customer in the past or because you have chosen to receive marketing from one of our dependable third-party partners. No one applied on your behalf, no credit check was conducted, and no account was opened in your name.

GO2 bank debit card

How do I acquire a GO2bank debit card?

At GO2bank.com or after downloading the GO2bank app, you can open a GO2bank account. Requires identity verification. Your debit card will arrive within seven to ten days if approved. Before you can use your card, you’ll need to activate it and add money to your account.

Is GO2bank legitimate?

Yes, the FDIC backs the deposits at GO2bank. In addition, GO2bank keeps an eye on your account and will notify you via text message if it finds any suspicious activity. Through the mobile application, you can lock your card immediately. Your debit card supports EMV chip technology. 200 x £5 note

The conclusion:

Green Dot, a financial technology company, operates GO2bank, a neobank with the unique advantage of possessing a banking license to provide federal deposit insurance. GO2bank, like its predecessor, GoBank, offers separate savings subaccounts known as vaults in addition to a checking account. The ability to deposit cash at specific retailers and the high savings rate (up to $5,000) are the mobile-focused bank’s biggest benefits. However, there are other neobanks that do not charge a monthly fee, allow cash deposits, and earn interest on higher savings balances. 50 x £5 note

The inability to transfer funds out of the account, which is a standard feature at many banks, is one of GO2bank’s costs and limitations, in addition to the monthly fee.

A GO2bank Visa debit card can be purchased at Walmart and activated online, or you can open an account on the bank’s website directly. Online service is prevalent. Additionally, the bank offers a secured, no-credit-check credit card for building credit.

Ideal for: Customers who use digital banking can save up to $5,000, receive direct deposits from their employers or government benefits, and deposit cash without having to move any money out of their accounts. 50 x £20 note


A respectable 4.50% APY across all savings vaults.

  • The capacity to create up to five vaults in which savings objectives can be divided.
  • Around 19,000 fee-free ATMs and 90,000 retail locations for cash deposits.

Cons • If you do not receive direct deposits through GO2bank, there is a $5 monthly fee.

  • There is no way to move money from a GO2bank account to another bank account.
  • The maximum annual income of $125 is possible due to the fact that the 4.50% rate only applies to the first $5,000 in each savings vault.

3,200, 4,400, 5,500, 10k, 15k, 20k, 25k


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